Bible Club Ministries

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   When the church barely started, reaching out to little Mandaueños became our first evangelistic ministry. It was summer of 2008 when we first held our Vacation Bible School. It was well attended by children in the neighboring area in our Labogon meeting place, who were literally and figuratively hungry. After a week of songs, Bible stories and fun, we decided to continue the work through Bible Clubs. The young professionals decided to help the endeavor by teaching these kids.
    The Bible Club ministry is being conducted for over 5 years now.  Today, we hold weekend classes in 11 centers for an afternoon of stories, songs and snacks.  We also gather all the children and teens at the Diamond Plaza  twice a year for a special Bible Club Culmination program.

The First Bible Club Culmination 
   In March 14, 2009, we held our first Bible Club Culmination at the Diamond Plaza. The kids from our then five centers excitedly came to see other kids. The yearlong activity ended with a drama presentation. Each center gave out their version of the Prodigal son.
    The kids from Paknaan had a their ‘Maalala Mo Kaya’ story telling version, whose letter sender is a loyal house servant of the prodigal son. It was a DJ moment for Cubacub Center. The main character played as caller for an afternoon phone-in question of a certain radio station. Fashion show + dialogue was the concept for the Casili kids. Since most of the attendees were girls, the prodigal son became a prodigal daughter whose lines were taken from popular Filipino tongue-lashing dialogues. The Labogon center, had their modest presentation of a semi-verse choir act. Their main character, a 5-year old kid had barely awakened that time but emerged as the best actor for the said event.
   The Cubacub team emerged as winner. The kids became winners too as they had their own share of ice cream and hotdog afterwards. 

Ministry Growth
    Over the years, our Bible Club Ministry continue to reach Children and Teens around Mandaue City and Consolacion.  Some teens at church are actually products of our Bible Club ministries.  Our young people have also volunteered themselves to teach and be used in this important ministry.

Balamban Outreach
   In 2012, we started holding VBS classes in Balamban, a progressive town in Western Cebu.  After summer, student intern Jerah-Mel Celiz continued visiting the centers to establish rapport and gain more contacts.  By 2013, intern Kerby Abella together with Bro. Kenneth Elbanbuena and other volunteers go to Balamban at a more regular basis holding classes for children and adults.  This year (2014), we hold weekly Bible clubs and adult Bible studies in Balamban.  We praise God for providing a vehicle we can use to reach out that side of Cebu province.  Our main goal is to later establish a church in Balamban.

   Every week is an opportunity to share the Gospel to more young Cebuanos as God’s Kingdom continues to expand in the province.  We encourage you to pray for this ministry.  We also need willing volunteers to help teach and reach these kids.

Original Article written by Velessa Dulin.  Revised to date by Barnie Geroy.