Undying Family Values

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by Rev. Samuel D. Geroy

   “God sets the lonely in families.” Psalm 68:6. The Word affirms that God’s cure for loneliness and insecurity is the family (Gen. 2:18). That is why there cannot be an inhabited world without families, values and love.

The House of the Righteous, Ephesians 5:21-6:4
    The most righteous act a man can do is to love his wife and children, support guide and protect them. For the wife, it is to submit and respect her husband, and fulfill her duties of motherhood. As parents, they should be their child’s best friends and greatest influence. The father is the child’s leader, idol and source of significance. The mother is the most tender person a child could ever know and his first teacher. Without them, there would be a great vacuum in a child’s life and it would be harder for him to grasp the idea of God and his love. They also give security, character and balance to prepare him for adulthood. In return, the right thing a child could do is to love, honor and respect his parents. This gives him marvelous blessings in life later. (Eph. 6:1,2)
   Job was a model of character, integrity and poise before his wife and children in the face of extreme trials. He maintained a big-picture perspective in the midst of his testing while doing some soul-searching and asking God questions about life. He never abandoned his commitment to his core values.

The House of Love
   I Corinthians 13 details the face of a house full of love. It does not dwell in regrets despite wrong decisions because the wrong person becomes the right person upon marriage. Spouses accept each other because they forgive each other. Love is acceptance, not perfection. In this connection, children are not an accident or burden, but a bundle of joy and possibilities. Creating love in the family is a joint effort of each member, everyone contributing his share.
   Timothy’s family started as a mixed marriage. But his mother Eunice and his grandmother Lois gave him all the love, and faith by teaching him Scriptures. They provided the balance and security that made him bold to decide to go on a dangerous mission with the apostle Paul, 2 Tim 1:5; Acts 16:1,2.

The House of the Diligent    The diligent man prizes his possessions Proverbs 12:27 and achieves his goals. His hands bring wealth 10:4, and he will rule people 12:24. His house becomes a wisdom center 1 Peter 1:4-20; a learning center Deuteronomy 6:6-9; a hospitality center 2 Kings 4:89-10, Luke 14:13; a health center Exodus 15:26; a craft center Proverbs 31:10-31, Acts 9:39; and a ministry center Acts 18:1-4. The home is the hub of life and outreach. Hard work gives it creativity, service, a healthy life and financial means to achieve for God.
   Noah was diligent in his zeal for the Lord. He walked with God, Genesis 6:9; he listened when warned by God, 6:13-21; and he worked with God in building the ark, 6:22 and preaching to his people, 2 Peter 2:5. He gave up what he accumulated for 500 years for a greater purpose- to save the world and start a new generation of mankind with a new and higher understanding of God and his purposes Genesis 9.

The Household of Faith
   The home is a man’s castle where he protects his family from the influences of a hostile world and where his children start their training to prepare for life. Basic to that training is putting saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord. The home is also a man’s treasure house where he keeps his most cherished possessions- love, character and godliness for his wife and children. Here he begins to build a godly generation that will strengthen, propagate and preserve the Christian faith for the future in the face of great wickedness that is to come.
   By his new-found faith the Philippian jailor brought salvation to his household, Acts 16:31, and a joyful life despite great odds during the time of the Roman empire, 16:32-34.

    Righteousness, love, diligence, and faith are necessary family values that will never change even in this 21st century. Let us build our lives and that of our families upon it.