Medical Update 09/20/10

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Dear family and friends,
   Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Pastor Geroy was transferred to a private room today. He also started on regular meals. This is the 5th day after he suffered stroke on 15 September 2010. Repeat CT scan yesterday showed no new bleeding.  His blood pressure is being controlled and is responsive to medicines since the onset of the stroke. Although he now spends most of the time sleeping, he can already converse well and is beginning to recall people and events.
   During the peak of the crisis, Mrs Geroy found this chorus, which we now share with you. “There’s not a single heartache that our Lord will not heal. There’s not a single sorrow that His heart doth not feel. There’s not a single problem, there’s not a single care, there’s not a single burden that He will not bear.” (by Wendell P. Loveless) Indeed, God has heard our prayers.
Although the critical period is almost over, fervent prayers are still needed for:
·         Control of his blood pressure through medicine and other modalities;
·         Speedy recovery of his memory and mental abilities;
·         Renewed strength that is needed for recovery;
·         No other complications from the stroke, hypertension and other medical causes; and
·         The new role that God is preparing for him upon his recovery.
   News of prayers and thoughts from different parts of the country and the world has been encouraging. On Sunday, 19 September, prayers among all our churches in many parts of the country united on Rev. Geroy’s recovery. It shows the power when we unite our hearts as one. Today, Pastor Geroy expressed the greatness of God’s love and the bounty of His blessings in saving him. His restful moments are spent over the background of Christian hymns and classics. Songs from visiting brethren have encouraged him, his family and the church. Light conversations have helped a lot in recalling his memory. He is pleased to hear wonderful news about church activities within and outside Cebu, encouraging updates from his students, co-workers and projects, and stories from friends and families about how God has worked in their lives. Visiting friends are also encouraged to recite and read Scripture that could refresh his memory and touch his heart.
   We give God the glory for how He has worked in all of us through this circumstance. His grace has been abundant and we can never repay Him for His goodness. All we can do is to remain faithful, trusting and resting in Him. May this circumstance in the life of Pastor Geroy give honor and glory to our God and encourage all of us to serve Him!

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