The Pastor's Heart: Praise God I'm Back

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by Samuel D. Geroy

   It’s great to be back. To the people I love- my wife, my children and extended family. Back to the work of my life- my church, the members, old people, young people, and the children. It’s good to be back to the work I enjoy most- preaching, teaching, writing, planning, dreaming…It’s like living another lifetime, doing another work, fulfilling another dream.

   Thank you, friends everywhere, for praying for me. Thank you loved ones for committing me to the Lord. Thank you everyone for entrusting me to the Lord and for caring enough to ask God to help me. To be back is like living another dream, like having another lifetime by the grace of God.

   We continue winning more souls for Christ here in Mandaue, Cebu, leading children to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, challenging young people to put God first place in their lives in these last days, teaching adults to study the Word of God, living it and sharing it with anybody available. It is living a most purposeful life.

   Praise God! Grace Baptist Church of Mandaue City continues to grow in spirit, in faith and in number. She has continued to expand- reaching out to Lapulapu, adding contacts in many areas, praying and planning to expand in Balamban later this year.

   Jesus is coming soon, perhaps today, or this year, or this decade. As long as we have breath let us continue the work of the Lord Jesus Christ in reaching this lost world for Him until the end of time.

   “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain. “ (ESV)

Sam Geroy

This part is written by Vangie.

   Today, Wednesday, June 15, 2011 completes the nine months after the attack on September 15, 2010, about which Pastor Geroy is talking about. God’s wonderful assurance that He still has some tasks for our family to continue.

   It was also a Wednesday morning when our eldest son
called from Malaybalay City saying “Daddy is in the hospital!” It was before 6 in the morning. It was not clear at that moment. He just told us to pray and wait for the next call. It was a heart-wrenching news for us. Yes, Sam was not a robust man but at least he had not been admitted in a hospital since 1980 when he had sympathetectomy at Leyte Baptist Hospital.

   The next news was that he had suffered a stroke. Someone from the family had to go to Bukidnon and help with the decision. I should be the one but I was afraid to travel alone.

   We decided that our youngest, Sophia Mae (SM) will go while her two brothers will stay with me. It was a very hard decision, especially when our eldest son called that he had hypertensive bleed and would be confined for an indefinite time. Tickets were bought with the plan to have another young man accompany SM.

   After about ten minutes when we sent the first text message, words of assurance and prayers spread like wildfire all over the country and abroad. We realized only later that believers stormed heaven with prayers. After several months, we met Christians who said, “We prayed for Pastor Sam”. It is a blessed thing for brethren to pray together in unity.

   But that evening, after the Mandaue church family gathered for another united prayers, plans developed so that I could fly with SM to Cagayan de Oro early the following day.

   We arrived CDO at 6 a.m. Engr. Salamat drove us all the way to Malaybalay and arrived at the hospital past nine. Sam was unconscious. Nurses were going back and forth. His blood pressure might have surged up when he heard our voices calling him.

   Then the complete story was told. After I called him at 9.30 the past night, he went to bed tired complaining his throat was sore from lectures the past two days. He slept but later felt his head was aching. When he could no longer bear it, he tried calling Sir Edwin Bicar, the Bible School director who was sleeping in the next room. It was past 3 a.m. Sir Bicar decided right away to bring him to Bethel Baptist Hospital.

   On the way he fell unconscious.

   He had a very busy schedule before that. We were in Negros the past week. Then he spent so much time preparing his lecture notes. He was so excited to have that opportunity of teaching to pastors. It is his passion.

   The weekend of September 11, 12 was very heavy.  He preached four times. Slept very late that Sunday evening and caught his early flight to CDO the following day.  Upon arrival at BFBS Monday morning, he started his first lecture to the pastors who were already waiting.

   Back to the hospital, he had CT scan before we arrived and our doctor friends, among them was our long time friend Dr. Sison, were waiting for the Neurologist from CDO who would read the result and give the next signal.

   He arrived at 1 pm, but it seemed so long.  He must be put in an ICU, he said. The provincial hospital was called but there was no room in their unit. The next place would be Cagayan de Oro. We asked the doctor if he would permit us to bring him to Cebu instead of CDO.  After some more explanations and assurances, permission was granted. Then the most grueling experience for us arrived.

    So many friends helped: making calls, inquiries from airlines and shipping lines were made. A team in Cebu worked to look for ways we can travel while another team at the hospital was also making inquiries about ambulance use, nurses to travel with us, medicines, etc.

   The airline would not take a patient with his case, it would take a week to get a military plane, shipping lines would not assure passage until the ship doctor gives permission. Malaybalay city is about 3 hours drive to the CDO pier. Another private plane was contacted.

   Late that afternoon, a final plan was decided. Dr. Yadao from Cebu will fly to CDO and will be the one to vouch for passage at the boat. Tickets were bought in Cebu, papers were finalized at BBH, an ambulance was arranged and two nurses were booked to travel with us. The boat was God-given. It was going to Manila with a stop-over in Cebu and it was a day trip! The ICU at Perpetual Succor in Cebu was also reserved.

   Friday, 5 a.m. we bid farewell to a few hospital staff of BBH. Our son with the nurses were in the ambulance with his dad while we took another car. We tried to amuse ourselves with the pleasant view of the mountains but our hearts were on edge. Could he endure the trip? What shall we do if his condition worsens?  The many hours in the boat until Cebu, could he endure it?

   We realized, through text messages that a host of pastors and believers were in prayer while we were having that trip. It was a great relief when we saw the lights of Cebu.  We docked at 6 pm and an ambulance was already waiting.  So many people were also waiting at the hospital to give support.

   When I remember all these now, I cry to think of so many friends who went out of their way to help us. I cannot mention all the names. They were many. One Chinese believer handed me an envelope. The content was enough to pay for admittance. You see, the Lord prepared everything already including the payment.

   Our eldest son was at Malaybalay for a planned despedida with friends at that time. The Lord brought him that day for another greater purpose. He was scheduled to fly to London the following week for a scholarship. When his dad fell ill, a big question came. Should he proceed? The school granted him permission to delay his coming and the day after his dad was discharged, he took his trip.  Amazing are the works and ways of our dear Heavenly Father.