Christ Came in the Fullness of Time

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by Samuel Geroy

    When God sent His Son to the world it was the perfect time. Not too early, nor too late. It was the right time for the Savior to come to earth and accomplish salvation for man.

     It was the fullness of time for nations. The Roman emperor ruled a large part of the world that time. Europe, north of Africa, and part of the Middle East was ruled by Emperor Caesar Augustus from 27 BC to 14 AD. Palestine was under King Herod the Great from 37 BC to 4 BC.

     Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in about 6-5 BC. Wise men from the East came to Jerusalem looking for the newly born ruler of the Jews because they saw his star in the east and had come to worship him. When King Herod heard about it he was troubled that a competitor to his throne had come. Asking the chief priests and the scribes they told him that the prophets said he would be born in Bethlehem Ephrata. So Herod told the wise men secretly to go and find the child and come back and tell him where they would find him. Following the star that reappeared, the wise men found the baby Jesus with Mary and Joseph in a house in Bethlehem. They worshipped him and gave their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. After an angel told them in a dream not to go back to Herod, they went home using another way. The angel also told Joseph in a dream to bring baby Jesus and Mary to Egypt that very night because the king wanted to kill the child.

    When King Herod realized that the wise men deceived him, he sent soldiers to Bethlehem with the order to kill all baby boys there who were two years old down. By 4 BC Herod also died.

    Joseph must have been a very young man of 18 years and Mary about 16 years when this happened. But it was the fullness of time for the Son of God to be born on earth.

    Putting together world events one can say that God’s Son was indeed born in the fullness of time. He came at the crossroad of history which may look like this:


4,000- 3,000 - Creation, Fall of Man, Flood, Babel, Tigris-Euphrates valley civilization
2,500 - Early Biblical period: 2,100 Abraham; 1,500 Moses; 1050 Saul, 1011-970 David
6-5 BC - Christ was born, Herod the Great died 4 BC


7-8 - Christ went to temple and talked with the scholars
20 - John the Baptist begins his ministry
30 - Christ crucified, resurrected and ascended
31 -100 Early Church
500 -1500 - Medieval Europe, Arab countries, China, Japan, India (Dark Ages)
1500 - European Renaissance, Americas
1600 -  Reformation, Exploration
1800 - Industrial revolution, Imperialism
1900 - Democracy, Communism, World Wars, Missions, Israel’s rebirth, Science/technology
2000 - Collapse of Communism, Islam revive, Southeast Asia & China emerge, Age of
Computers and Cell phones, Southeast Asian missionaries

    Christ came at the fullness of time in world history and man’s spiritual need. He will come again soon in order to complete world history and God’s plan of salvation for man and the universe.

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