Renewing Our Trust in God

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by Samuel D. Geroy

   Jacob started his adult life with a beautiful dream at Bethel of the glory and plan of God for him. But his vision deviated from that view when he fell in love. As a result he married two women and had two concubines as well contrary to God’s righteous standard. Many problems came to his life as a result and he even wrestled with God along the way (Genesis 32:22-32). In Genesis 35:1,2 God told him to go back to Bethel (Genesis 28:10-22), the place where he first saw God’s vision for his life. There God changed his outlook and his name to Israel (35:10), the prince of God. As a consequence, Rachel had to die (Genesis 35:16-20), who was the main reason for his backsliding. When Israel died, he was buried beside Leah, Genesis 49:29-31.
His life shows a lesson in trusting God that produces a righteous and holy kind of life.

   Another point about renewing our trust in God is seen in Caleb’s conquest of Hebron and the giants (Judges 1:8-13). He did it at the age of 78 years. Such conquest cannot be done without real trust in the Lord. Another man who showed trust in God was Prince Jonathan who was willing to give Israel’s throne to David because he was God’s choice and he was also his friend (1 Samuel 18:1-5; 20:16-17). Levi or Matthew also left a high-paying job as tax collector for the Roman government in order to become one of the Lord’s disciples (Luke 5:24-32; Matthew 9:9). Possibly he was the only professional among the disciples. Though paired with Thomas the doubter while being trained by Jesus he later became one of the apostles, and he did his assignment well so that Thomas became a faithful servant of the Lord in the coming years. Matthew's greatest service was his writing of the Gospel of Matthew of the New Testament. One more Bible character who showed deep trust in God was Joseph the husband of Mary. He obeyed God and married Mary who was with child by the Holy Spirit (Matthew 1:18-25). He is recognized in world history as a man who truly believed God and fully fulfilled His will.
The life of trust in God is a life of faith, obedience and righteousness.

    The year 2012 calls for renewing and deepening our trust in God like Jacob, Caleb, Jonathan, Matthew, and Joseph. With these in mind, let us live this year with a high resolve, faithfulness and sincerity to the Word of God and to the Lord Jesus Christ.