I Can Love Better and Better

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by Rev. Samuel D. Geroy

   John the beloved disciple encouraged his readers to hold on to the truth that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who became man when he wrote his letter in more or less 90 A.D. First (chapter 1) he proclaims the Lord as the Living Word seen and heard by men who also has fellowship with God the Father and with those who believe in Him. All who believe on Him walk in the light and if they do sin, they can confess to Him for He is faithful and just to forgive them their sins and restore them into right fellowship with Him.

    Next (chapter 2), John writes to Christians (Jews and believers today) everywhere that they can know God more and more by knowing more about Christ as Advocate with the Father and One with whom they can abide and walk. When they do, they will no longer love the world and its desires of the flesh, desires of the eyes and pride in possessions which are not from the Father but from the world. John also writes the believers to know the antichrist who is trying to deceive even believers. Christians should know the true children of God and practice righteousness.

    John continues that believers should live in love as God’s children (chapter 3). They are God’s children now and when He shall appear they shall be like Him. So now believers ought not to make a practice of sinning but instead become loving and lovable persons who fill their lives with lovable people and experiences.

    How then can a Christian find real love? (chapter 4) Real love cannot be faked. Every Christian should learn to test the spirit in a person. If one confesses that Jesus Christ became man in order to save us from sin he is of the truth, while one who does not accept this has the spirit of antichrist. One who is truly born of God knows how to love one another and God abides in him and he is of God. One who says he loves God and hates his brother is a liar.

    Finally true love triumphs (chapter 5). It is victorious over the world by faith. The faith that Jesus is the Son of God who overcomes. He triumphed as He began His ministry with His baptism and ended it with His death. The Holy Spirit attested it when He descended upon Him at His baptism and He continues to confirm it in the heart of believers that He indeed is Messiah, the Son of God. He who believes in the Son, eternal life becomes his present possession. He is also assured that his prayer will be answered, that evil one cannot harm him, that he knows that as a child of God the evil one cannot control him, and that the Son of God has given him understanding that Christ is the true God and eternal life.

    This kind of love enables the believer to love God and others better and better. This is the love that starts with faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. It is strengthened when we stop loving the world and its way of living so that one will become a loving and lovable person enjoying his lovable experiences in life. His love is never a fake one but is real and true as the Holy Spirit attests that it is.