Honoring A Father

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by Samuel D. Geroy

   A father always directs and leads the direction of a family’s faith. Adam was called to maintain a spiritual standard for his family in the midst of a sinful generation. Though his first son Cain murdered his brother Abel, the Lord gave him another son named Seth who lived a godly life like him (Genesis 5:3). That encouraged him and his wife after a sad episode of Abel’s death.

    Another father, Abraham was called to a life of faith in the midst of a sinful generation (Genesis 12:1-4). He was greatly blessed by God and was given a son named Isaac who preserved a godly line of people who loved God and obeyed his will.

    A father named Cornelius in the book of Acts 10, 11 came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior together with his family. Since then the Church has been winning individuals and families among non-Jewish people to the feet of our Savior Jesus Christ until our time. Usually when a father comes to Jesus, the rest of his family follow. A father’s decision has great influence upon his family.

    The leadership of a father has great impact upon the family. A father may not be a direct parental father, but his personal quality has a great impact upon the family. Like a man named Jabal in Genesis 4:20 was the originator of those who livestock. In Romans 4:11 the Apostle Paul mentions Abraham as the father of all those who believe by faith. A man named Micah in Judges 17:10 showed paternal kindness and wisdom to a Levite. A father may be a revered superior, a prophet, an elder and a venerable man like Samuel in 1 Samuel 19:1 and apostle John in 1 John 2:13. Joseph as a royal adviser or prime minister was also a father to Pharoah in Genesis 45:8. All these prove the high regard for fathers in the family, in the community and in the country.

    The duties God gave a father are honorable and important. His role to discipline them is a very important assignment from that brings great blessings to their lives and terrible curse also if he does not. Fathers are also expected to show a compassionate heart to the children as mentioned in Psalm 103:13. God also wants them to be delighted in their children according to proverbs 3:12.

    On the other side, God also required children to fulfill their responsibility to their fathers. They have to bring them joy according to proverbs 10:1,23-24. Then they have to listen to them, Proverbs 23:22; honor them, Matthew 15:4, Ephesians 6:2; and leave their parents in order to cleave to their wives, Ephesians 5:31. These things balances the responsibilities of the father and gives them good rewards. All these show us the importance the Lord gives to a father and His delight and joy as they fulfill His plan for creating them.