God First in Everything

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by Samuel D. Geroy

   God is first when I give Him my full trust. The writer of Psalm 121 expressed that when he was going to the top of Mt. Zion on his way to the temple. He imagined God was on top of the mountain and He reigns over all. He also does not need to sleep because His power is absolute and He can protect those who love Him every moment. His protection therefore is unfailing and it covers all of life.
   I ought to put God first in my home also. God is number one in my home if I allow Him to build it according to His will and power. He wants me to raise my children as a heritage from Him so that as I do that they will constitute my reward later in life and will give me happiness.
   Next, Psalm 128 tells me that the Lord will bless my home more as I fear Him and walk in his way. In return of my fear of Him, He will give provision for my labor, bless me with happiness and wellness, and grant me and my wife children who walk in His way. This blessing will continue to the next generation of my family and will help bring peace to our nation.
   Finally, as I put God first in my life, my present and future will be as secure as that of Mt. Zion (Psalm 125) and restored as Jerusalem (Psalm 126). This is a difficult comparison because though Israel is thriving economically and socially as a nation today, yet she is facing heavy pressure from enemies surrounding her. The Lord assures that with Him she cannot be defeated and the wicked cannot inherit her land. It was impossible to restore Israel back to the land because Jews are scattered all over the world, yet they returned and rebuilt their nation since 1948. The dream of displaced Jews have come true, streams started to flow in the desert and it blossomed like the rose.
   When the Christian puts God first in every area of his life, he will experience amazing and wonderful assurance and blessing too.
   We live in a dangerous world, but our security in God and the success of our future is as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.