Renewing Our Understanding of God's Plan

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by Rev. Samuel D. Geroy

   As a God of order and wisdom the Lord planned everything from the beginning to the end, and for all things, especially for man who is his most special and final creation. One of His special plans for man is to give him salvation through the death of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. The rest pertains to Christian living, service and missions. As we do all these the Lord promised to be with us until the end of this Church age.

   Another important plan of God is about Israel. The rebirth of Israel as pictured by Ezekiel in his writing in chapter 37 showed bones rising out of the desert and becoming people and a great army. Today Israel is a progressive, modern country that is highly industrialized.
   Next, Prophet Daniel saw a vision he wrote in chapter 7 of his book about the coming of four great beasts that interpreters say refer to the kingdoms that would rule the world. The first three have been fulfilled and the fourth one is yet coming. Revelation 13 tells about the two great leaders of this final kingdom. The Beast out of the sea (13:1-10), commentators say, refers to the final, personal Antichrist who will rule the world in company with ten great nations or empires (Revelation 17:12). This leader will be wounded fatally but he will rise again (13:3, 4) so that the world will believe in him as the messiah but his right eye will be blinded and his arms will be withered (Zechariah 11:17). To assist this first leader is the Beast out of the land, most probably Israel or the Middle East (Rev. 13:11-18). He is the religious Antichrist who will force the world to worship the first beast (13:12) and put his mark on men’s right hand or forehead (13:16). The reign of the trinity of evil will begin (Beast out of the sea, Beast out of the land, and the Dragon or Satan himself). This time is also known as the 70th week in Daniel 9:24.
    Indeed, Satan will reign during this period but the Lord will come in great glory at the end of this seven years tribulation. Then the Lord Jesus Christ will reign for one thousand years known as the Millennium, or the kingdom of ages (2 Samuel 7:12-13). The saints from all ages will also reign with Christ (Rev 11:15-18; 20:6; 2 Tim 2:12). The Lord will show to the world that when He reigns there will truly be peace and progress.
    There will be the final rebellion of Gog and Magog after the Millennium (Revelation 20:8, 9; 19:19; Joel 1:15) Then God will create a new heaven and new earth that will last forever. A new paradise will come out of heaven and settle on the earth (Revelation 21; 22:1-5).
    Today, we believe that the most significant event of the 21st Century is the rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ. It will be a unique privilege for Christians (2 Peter 3:9-11), a blessed opportunity for them, and a special experience of God’s people (1 Corinthians 15:51-54).
    These truths are summarized in one of the songs we sing in church: “I am a pilgrim and I’m stranger, I can tarry, I can tarry but a night; Do not detain me for I am going, I’m going where the land is fair and bright.”