Love and Loyalty in the Last Days

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by Samuel Geroy

   When some people fall in love, they start with a secret. Then when their hearts are full and they are sure of their feelings, they reveal what they have kept for so long. Our God also revealed to the world that His Son is the radiance of His glory (Hebrews 1:3) and the exact representation of His being. The Son also provided salvation from sin (Hebrews 2) so that he can receive eternal life. Because of all these, the Son of God is superior to angels (Hebrews 1) and is greater that Moses (Hebrews 3) who gave God's laws to Israel.
   The life of Faith-Rest follows (Hebrews 4). It refers to a life of confidence in the plan, power, and provision of the Lord moment-by-moment. When Israel lived in the promised land, she strived hard to achieve this but failed because of disobedience and sin. This kind of life was experienced by God's heroes in Hebrews 11 and many others who followed their footsteps in this life.

   The Christian today can also experience this life of victory in the new covenant mediated by the Lord Jesus Christ through faith (Hebrews 8) in His perfect sacrifice (Hebrews 9).
   This is a high calling (Hebrews 10) that should move us believers today to draw near to God in prayer. Love and loyalty must lead us believers to persevere (Hebrews 12) in faith and in holy living. This is achieved if we never let go of the Lord despite the pains and the temptations in life. We must keep on trusting and never say die.
   Hebrews concludes that Jesus is the full and final revelation of God. He shows us that love never ends as it is given to others and to the one married to you. This kind of love or faith makes us separate from wrong doctrine and from traditional religion that blinded us from true faith before.
   Such is a kind of life that is dedicated to the Lord and that continually offers a sacrifice of praise in everything it does. Therefore it is one that truly pleases the Lord.
   Like the husband and wife who truly love and are loyal to each other through the years, their love grows deeper and deeper and deeper to the end.