Missions in the Last Days

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by Samuel Geroy

   This month of March at Grace Baptist Church is the emphasis on Missions In The Last Days. Study is centered in the last three chapters of the book of Hebrews and the first ten chapters of the book of Zechariah. Grace Baptist Church of Mandaue City is looking towards the summer of evangelism and church planting.
   Hebrews 11 enlightens us believers about the faith of the ancients from Abel to Abraham (1-16) (Genesis 4, 12), then the faith of the pioneers from Abraham to Joshua (11:17-31) and the faith of the heroes (11:32-38). All of them were commended for their faith though none received what had been promised because God planned something better for them. The Lord assured them in Matthew 19:29-30 that whatever they lost for the kingdom of God He will return to them 10,000% plus eternal life.
   Hebrews 12 exhorted Christians to persevere in faith until their work is done. Even the Lord Jesus did not do everything but concentrated only on things that would fulfill his mission. He faced them with joy and endurance until they were done. For them and for us the mission given can only accomplished by faith alone.
   Our mission in these times was further made clear when we studied the book of Zechariah. It teaches that our mission starts with returning to the Lord; meaning for us to repent of our sins, live a life of obedience to His Word personally and publicly, and to get involved in the mission God has given.
   Chapters 1-8 of Zechariah teaches that the way for God to restore and bless His people is for them to repent of their sins and to obey His Word. The 8 visions in Zechariah 1-4 encourage God’s people, the Jews, to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem though it looked impossible that them. They could do it by relying on the Lord’s power. Further, He assured them that enemy from the north will be defeated (chapter 8).
   Zechariah then prophesied about the rebuilding of God’s standards in the lives of His people. It is the standard of justice mercy which if they disobey will result to captivity. Then the prophet encouraged the rebuilding of God’s holy city Jerusalem (8). God promised to protect the city against enemies (9) and to rebuild and unite Judah and Israel if they do so. Finally, the Lord promised to strengthen His people (10) as He expects them to return to Him.
   Our mission today is to spread the gospel and the message of salvation so that people in our time understand the calling of God to salvation and return to Him through faith in His salvation.