Thoughts on the Holy Week from Zechariah and More...

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by Samuel Geroy

   Zechariah prophecies that the worthless shepherd or the antichrist will come in chapter 11:17. He will desert the flock of God and most probably meet an assassination attempt. As a result his right eye will be blinded. Symbolically speaking this may mean that his intelligence will be nullified and he will be powerless to fight. Literally, Revelation 13:3, 4 states that he will be fatally wounded but will be healed through Satan’s power. Then the world will be amazed and many will praise him as the messiah who dies and lives again. But soon the world will discover his deception.
   Then the Jews will realize the true meaning of the suffering, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus and they will believe on Him, Zechariah 12:1-13. Then They will mourn that they rejected Him through the years. Gentiles who come to realize this truth of his death and resurrection will also do the same.

   Zechariah also prophesies the striking of the shepherd and the sheep who believe on him will scatter, Zechariah 13:7. This clearly describes the suffering and death of Jesus and the scattering of his disciples. The prophet then says that the Lord will come and fight against the nations that move to destroy Israel and He himself will reign, Zechariah 14. Then He will come and stand on the Mount of Olives causing it to split in two (14:3, 4). The water from the Mediterranean Sea will flow from there to Jerusalem. So then the Lord will reign for a thousand years called the Millennium.
   As a review, Jesus was born in 6-5 B.C. (Matthew 2:1-19, Luke 1:5) and He died in 30 A.D. The prophecy that when He died He was three days and three nights in the bosom of the earth as Jonah was in the belly of the fish still stands, Matthew 12:39, 40. This means that there were two Sabbaths the week Jesus died. The Lord was crucified and died on Wednesday, the day of preparation for the Special Sabbath. He was buried before sundown because at 6:00 P.M. is already Thursday in Jewish time. Thursday was Passover, a special Sabbath (deliverance from Egypt) and Jews worship and meditate that day. The next day, Friday, the chief Priest and Pharisees requested Pilate to post guards in the sepulchre.  The women also gathered the herbs for the anointing of the Lord’s body. Then they had to rest for the Saturday regular Sabbath. They went to the tomb early Sunday morning. But the three days and three nights prophesied about the Lord’s being in the grave ended at 6:00 P.M. Saturday. That time is the beginning of Sunday to the Jews. Jesus arose from the grave that moment in fulfillment of prophecy. That’s why when the women went to the grave Sunday morning his grave clothes were already folded and the angel was watching there, see Luke 23:54-56, John 19:31. There was no mention of the Gregorian calendar days in the Bible record that week. The Bible takes note of the Special Sabbath and the regular Sabbath. We can know the exact date of that event today by looking at the full moon which always marks the Passover in our Gregorian calendar. This week it is April 15.

   Today it is acceptable for Christians to celebrate the holy week according to our calendar while not forgetting the actual sequence just pointed out in this paper. As we think of Jesus’ death let us count ourselves dead to sin, let us offer parts of our body as instruments of righteousness, let us not make sin our master, and let us do in practice what we are already in status before God ( Romans 6:11-14).