Facing Hard Times in the Last Days

Posted by Site Admin On 10:32 AM

by Samuel Geroy

    It seems that the hard times of the last days began last year when our country was hit by the super typhoon last November 2013. The strongest typhoon to hit land in modern times. This reminds us that we are now facing hard times in the last days as spoken by the Lord Jesus in Matthew 24:1-14. How are we to face times like these?

   To Israel, the LORD through prophet Isaiah spoke of coming judgment because os sin and of hope through the coming of the Messiah.  The prophet's message on how to face hard times was: Live a consistent lifestyle, with an uncompromising conviction and a clear vision.  The is how the people of God will fulfill their final mission that will end their warfare.
    The Bible also talks of the coming battle to be led by the antichrist (Beast from the sea and Beast from the earth of Revelation 13) will entrap the people of God in the middle. The situation will make them realize and remember a that the One they pierced and nailed to the cross was their Messiah. This will be the beginning of their final emancipation and mission (John 19:37, Revelation 7:4-8). 
   Faithful Jews will be the remnants of true faith during the Tribulation period, particularly during the last part which is called the "Great  Tribulation."
   Israel's final mission is to preach the Gospel of the coming kingdom (Matthew 24:14) to the generation that will be alive at the end of the Church age (which is already now I believe).  Then the Tribulation will follow after the Rapture of the Church.
   Believers of the Lord Jesus Christ today must finish the task to witnessing to the whole world including to the  pockets or areas of population that still need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
   These pockets of unreached areas must have to be reached and that the last soul should be witnessed to and the last church be built.  The only way to complete the task is to do it.  In a way, it is obeying the last command, facing the last conflict related to mission work and fighting the last combat to be involved in.  This is the only way for the Church to complete her mission.
   In a way, this can also be termed as the Church's finest hour to show her solid service with focus and self-discipline.  This is also her chance to perform powerful service by the power of the Spirit and wisdom of God.  She can show fruitful service as she ministers, mentors, manages and models what the Word of God has taught.  She can give service that will endure or last through the course of human history.
   The Church of Jesus Christ would have truly faced the hard times of the last days honorably and victoriously.