Prayer Ministry in the Last Days

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by Samuel Geroy

   Prayer is going up to the presence of the Father in heaven and asking for help. It is also like bringing heaven down to earth in order to receive blessings and aid from God. It is likewise accomplishing the plan and will of God for and through His people.
   We pray for strong hope - hope for the Messiah who has already come in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Though today there are still people who are waiting for His first coming, like the Jews. Our hope in Christ is getting stronger daily because of hope in His second coming. We cling to hope in His despite discouragement as in the way He encouraged Moses by showing him His glory (Exodus 34:5-7). Though in human language, Moses only saw the 'back of God' it was the only allowable image of the LORD that he can see as a man and not die.   It was a great experience for Moses that led him to finish his work as Israel's leader. Hope also led Moses to pray to God in Psalm 90:12 that He will give him an understanding heart to know the brevity of life so that he can live wisely and fulfill his mission. God granted Moses great hope to the end of his days. What a way to pray.

   We also need to pray for riches, mostly spiritual riches. The true wealth of Abraham was in his trust that he will become the father of many nations (Genesis 17:4) and be a blessing to the world (Genesis 12:2-3). The Lord Jesus also prayed that all who believe in Him will
receive His eternal riches and glory (John 17:22). Apostle Paul wrote that his riches in the hope of His calling, the riches of His inheritance, the greatness of His power, and the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge (Ephesians 1:18, 19). Moses saw these riches in the glory of God that he saw in Mount Sinai. As we pray for others and for ourselves that God will provide our many needs, it is even better that we ask Him to make us grow in our spiritual riches in Christ Jesus.
   We are then taught to pray for power through the filling of the Holy Spirit and the claiming of the fruit of the Spirit in our daily lives. Prophet Samuel and Aaron and Moses experienced this kind of prayer life. This is the prayer that is competent, with character and rightly so connected to the Father in heaven that they are answered. Beyond asking provision for our needs and power to overcome sin, we need to go further by asking for the filling of the Holy Spirit moment by moment and the experiencing of the fruit of the Spirit daily too.
   Finally, we need to pray for understanding of the love of God so that His love will be in us in order to teach us to love others. As we know this kind of love it will abound more and more (Philippians 3:1-11) in depth of insight. When we practice it, it will make us pure and blameless until He comes.
   How our prayers dwell only the material needs and do not grow to the height (level) of the greatest of all - asking for love for the LORD and for men in the level of the divine and the eternal.
   Truly, we need to learn this kind of pleading with the LORD in order to accomplish and hasten the Lord God's plan and will. Like the disciples, we must continually ask - "Lord, teach us to pray." (Luke 11:1)