Christmas in the Last Days

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by Samuel Geroy
   The story of the birth of Jesus is a very important event in the plan of God containing romance, glory, intrigue, sadness and joy. It is a beautiful but painful love story with a fantastic ending.
    Looking back brings to mind a lot of history leading to His birth: Herod the great began to rule in 37 B.C., Caesar Augustus became Roman governor in 27 B.C., Herod became the reconstruction of the Jerusalem temple in 20 B.C., Jesus was born 6-5 B.C., Joseph and Mary with the Child escaped to Egypt in 5-4 B.C., Herod died in 4 B. C., and Mary and Joseph with Jesus returned to Nazareth.

   Before the reign of Caesar Augustus, Julius Caesar approved the use of the Julian Calendar in 46 B.C. that started the year in January 1. Little by little this calendar was accepted by nations in the world. Then a Scythian monk named Dionysius Exiguus in the 6th century thought that years must be reckoned from the birth of Christ. Before His birth made it B.C. and after his birth made it A.D. This usage spread leading England to use it by 664 A.D. and more and more countries used it through the years. Then Gregory XIII reformed the Julian calendar further in 1582. From this system it is now confirmed that the Lord Jesus Christ was born 6-5 B.C. and was brought to Egypt by Joseph and Mary 5-4 B.C. and then He died in 30 A.D.   Despite calendar errors God did not make a mistake. World history does not run according to man’s knowledge but to the plan and will of God. The Savior was born according to the perfect plan and time God intended it to occur. Everything about the birth of the Lord was perfect from the standpoint of God: His parents, His contemporary John (the Baptist), Census that brought back Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem for Christ’s birth, the Shepherds in the right field, His birth in the perfect sheepfold, and manger, Special star appearing that guided the wise men, Men from the east who came, worshiped Him, and gave gifts worthy of a king and savior: gold, frankincense and myrrh.
   When the baby Jesus was brought to the temple for dedication by Mary and Joseph the elder named Simeon came, took Him in his arms and praised God for the Savior. He also mentioned the pain this child will bring to Mary and then His future suffering and death (Luke 2:25-35). The Christmas we celebrate this month could be the last Christmas before His coming. Let us make it truly meaningful and special as we think of this wonderful gift of God. He was born, then He died in order to save our souls and give us everlasting life. Therefore let us believe in Him as our personal Savior and Lord.