Love in Time and Forever

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by Samuel Geroy
   All human loves are made in heaven - meaning the person we end up marrying is the person God has prepared for us.  Though sometimes we get ahead of God and end up marrying someone not meant for us.
   Jacob insisted on working another seven years for Laban in order to get the girl of his dreams - Rachel, though he already married the older sister Leah (Genesis 29, 30).  We know the pains and problems he had to go through because he insisted on getting her too.  Jacob's important children were born of Leah - Reuben the eldest, Judah the tribe of kings, especially the dynasty of David, and Levi the tribe of priests.   This story reminds us of the joys and pains of human love.

   Marriage relations is not the only love for God gave man.  We need to love God best of all with all hour heart, mind and soul.  Then we obey Him, and become fruitful in the area of our spiritual gift, and also faithful to Him to the end of our days.
   We also need to love our neighbor like we love ourselves (Matthew 22:39-40).  This is the second greatest commandment.  This means we should not hate our neighbor or take vengeance against him.
   Doing these encompasses all social responsibilities in everyday life, whether in the community where we live or in the work we are in.  We simply think of these commands as the Golden Rule.
   One more important part of love is loving the Lord's work.  Paul in Acts 20:24 tells that his life work is one that gives him the greatest joy.  God's man touches hearts (Colossians 3:23) as he connects with people who need God in the power of the Holy Spirit.  When David fought Goliath (I Samuel 17:9) he believed that the battle is the Lord's.
   The servant of God must work to the finish while doing everything for Christ and in the power of Christ.  As Moses left his kingly ambitions in Egypt in order to fulfill God's call in the wilderness (Exodus 3:1-4).  And he succeeded.
   Men of God concentrate on the most important things in order to fulfill their life assignment and succeed with God.
   We conclude that it is important for the believer to maintain godly love.  Prophet Hosea, despite his wife's unfaithfulness maintained enduring and conquering love.  In the end, he triumphed just like God who loved and forgave Israel despite her sings.
   Then the believer should strive to conquer adversity like anger, hurts and hatred in order to maintain godly love.
   The challenge is this - True love between a man and a woman starts with loving only one person within the will of God.  Then there should be openness to insights from the greater love of God in Christ Jesus.  Next, one must enjoy the love God has given and know it (him or her) as much as he can.  Even after wrong choices or decisions, endure it and allow the Lord to transform the negative to a positive one.
   Reserve your best love for loving God in the fulness of His person, and in pleasing and following Him forever.
   What will be the result?  Do right from now one.  Listen to the Lord from now on - repeat and do right.  Accept responsibility for past failures and wait for the right decisions and opportunities from now on.
   This is how you can have the best love in time and eternity.