Missions in Time and Forever

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by Samuel Geroy
   Prophet Zechariah’s mission started in 640 B.C. during the reign of godly King Josiah who started to rule when he was twenty years old. One of his first acts was to assign men to clean up the temple for it was neglected by the previous ruler. The men found a copy of the Book of the Law that when the king read he was moved to implement spiritual reforms in the land. Zephaniah started to to prophesy about the coming great day of the LORD. He spoke about the judgment (1:14-18) on Philistia, Moab, Ammon, and Assyria. He added that Israel’s hope in God will renew her peace and strength.
   This is also the calling of the Church. During the time of the Lord Jesus He selected disciples (Matthew 4:18-22) whom He called to do the mission while contending against sin, Satan, blasphemy and coping with needs. The main mission is sowing seeds (Matthew 13) as taught in the parables of the sower and the seeds, wheat and tares, mustard seed, leaven, hidden treasure, pearl of great price and the dragnet.

   The Christian also needs to be equipped for spiritual warfare as Paul wrote in the book of Ephesians in 60 A.D. He wrote that the service motivation is the hope of God’s high calling and the riches of His inheritance that exceeds the greatness of His power (1:18-19). Believers should also serve as masterpieces for good works created in Christ Jesus (2:10). Then the Christian must serve with strength in the inner man in order to comprehend and know the love of God which passes knowledge (3:15). Next, the believer must use service gifts for quality performance. They are the apostles, prophets, evangelists, and pastors-teachers (4:11-12). Paul reminded believers to serve while singing with thanksgiving in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, while filled with the Spirit (4:18-20). Finally, they must serve against the enemy in the strong and mighty power of God while using God’s armor namely: truth, righteousness, telling the gospel, helmet of salvation, sword of the Word and praying always. When the believer wears them, he will also be prepared to face the enemy. Most of the armors are for defense and only the Word of God and prayer are for offense. There is no protection at the back of the Christian warrior so that he must always face the enemy at all times (2 Corinthians 4:8-10).
   The pastor must always be conscious of accomplishing his calling and mission in these last days.