Press On in the Power of the Resurrection

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by Samuel Geroy
   The Christian life is a sequence of living, dying and rising again spiritually.  This symbolically speaks about going deeper in our spiritual life.  In going towards maturity, we Christians pass through to different times of our lives which are the following: Death to sin wherein we experience power to serve, and pass through different levels of struggles in work, family, life and community or church life.

   As we receive empowerment for these, we discover the law of victory in Christ through resurrection power.  John the beloved suffered imprisonment, torture and banishment but remained steadfast in the his loyalty to the Lord.  He finished his lifework in triumph.  The secret of resurrection for him is the love of God in Christ.  This is achieved through the leading of and power of the Spirit who leads and intercedes for us through our sufferings that leads to glory.  It is also God who works all these things for our good as His children (Romans 8:12-39).
   It is also His desire to give us all things through Christ.  In order to accomplish all these, we must die to the world and live a virtuous life in Christ, give up a sinful lifestyle and pride, then humbly obey Him.  To forsake the world is to give up ambitions and be satisfied with life in the center of God's will (Romans 8:11).  Then we must stop pursuing worldly success and enter the joy and peace of a surrendered life (Romans 8:18).
   Resurrection life is a like a key to a grand and beautiful mansion that can be mine if I only enter in.  Or it is like an engine that gives extra power to drive the plane much faster than before.  It is also like a diamond stone that will be priceless if one only knows how to cut it correctly.
   Finally, pressing on completely into a victorious life is yielding to the power of resurrection love that gives life to anything or anybody lost, destitute, destroyed and dead.  It starts with love.  Like the skeleton that reconnected to each other in the Valley of the Dry Bones (Ezekiel 37:1-14).  Then their flesh returned and they lived again to fulfill God's work.  It is like love that produces 100% love.
   Resurrection love goes further by empowering the believer to bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, and endure all things (I Corinthians 13:7)  It is pictured by Israel, that though she rejected Jesus Christ all these years, will in these last days return to believe in Him.  It is like love that is 110% love, going beyond the ordinary to win the world in the extra power of God's love.
   Best of all, resurrection love makes God's people more than conquerors in their conflict against Satan (Romans 8:37).  This is victory to the nth power - a victory that leads to more victory; a conquest that leads to more conquests.  The Christian is more than conquerors because he experiences a love that dies in order to life; he dies in death that becomes life because of love.  It is like a life that continues to love because it conquered death; and it is a love that continues love because it cannot die anymore.
   As God makes the Christian more than conquerors, He empowers him by the Holy Spirit with infinite power that is beyond measure, beyond limit and beyond understanding.
   It is like the self-sustaining internal combustion of an atomic reactor that lasts for a very long time - just as the power that empowers the sun.  Yet, the resurrection love of God is more than this atomic power because it is forever.  It cannot be exhausted.