Press On with Family Values

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by Sam Geroy
   It is inspiring to focus on the values from God's character and Word that strengthened our families through the years. We cherish the values of beauty as in the natural or physical world. Natural beauty gives newness, color and arrangement in the beautiful world and universe around us. The same is true with the location and usefulness of God's creation. The most beautiful of all is God Himself because of His holiness, other attributes and acts of salvation for us, as humans. God gives us families, friends and acts of service adding beauty to our existence.

   To strengthen families and our individual lives, the Lord adds character in order to build our convictions, perspective and consistency in the face of diverse and difficult challenges of life.  As we face crossroads sometimes we compromise; but in the end we develop convictions that lead us to conquests in the future.  These principles, became clear when we studied the life of Joshua.
   Further, we studied the value of self-discipline that builds trust in the Lord and others.  These lead to triumph in all of life's endeavors.  But as we studied the life of Samson (Judges 13-16) he forsook this value so that he wasted his gifts and life and died with little accomplishment despite his very great potential.
   Finally, family values are strengthened when God's man pursues the vision the Lord has given him; like Abraham who followed the vision God gave him despite some pitfalls along the way (Genesis 12:1-3).  That vision became his passion and initiative so that the Bible calls him the man of faith.  Other men like him were Abednego, Meshach and Shadrach (Daniel 3) who survived the fiery furnace in 540 B.C. and Nehemiah who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem in 445 B.C. (Nehemiah 1, 2) in the face of impossible odds.
   Many others learned from failure - Eve (Genesis 3:4-6), Peter (I Peter 1:1-5) and host of Bible believers through the pages of history to the present.  We studied one man who never cherished and applied these values seriously and was condemned by God.  (Numbers 24:5-24:25)
   May we never forsake these values God gave us so that success will be ours now and forever.