Focus on Christ's Birth

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by Samuel D. Geroy
   It was fitting to focus on understanding the Gift of God for sinful man last December. God's love that moved Him to give the Gift is a force that borders the divine being, a power that moves everything in the universe, an attraction that never ends, and a magic that makes everything beautiful. The deepest understanding of love is that it is God's gift in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, the best God has ever given and the best man has ever received. It is worthy of the glory and perfection of the One who gave it and made us unworthy receivers deserving by faith alone.

   Jesus Christ is also the Light of the world (John 8:12).  This Light guides the love of God, being the very essence of His glory or of His pure self.  For man's sake, who cannot face that full glory, God simplified Himself through the Lord Jesus who took the form of man and died on the cross as a payment for man's sins (Philippians 2:6-8).  As a result, those who confess and repent of their sins receive forgiveness and the promise of eternal life.  Released from the power of sin through the Savior, the believer is commanded to let his Light shine (Matthew 5:16) and to walk in  truth and holiness.  This way his life will become a convincing testimony for the Lord.
   The Lord emphasized that He is the Light of the world when He gave sight to a man born blind (John 9:1-13).  He was blind from birth (naturally defective eyes that cannot be healed or congenital blindness).  That's why Jesus made mud using His saliva, and put it on his eye socket, transforming them into real eyes like when God breathe into Adam's nostrils the breath of Life so that he became a living being (Genesis 2:7).  This miracle showed that Jesus is God and that He is the Light of the world.  This Light is greater that Love because without Light there cannot be Love.  In the beginning, before Light, there was nothing, that is why God's first creation is Light.
   Another attribute of God is Life together with Light.  Life and Light started everything in heaven and earth.  In the beginning it was all dark because there was nothing.  When Life and Light came, creation was born.  God is the self-created uncaused One.  Life is His very essence and there never was a time, even in eternity that He did not exist.  This is the Truth about Him forever and ever.

   Jesus also said, "I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life" (John 11:25, 14:6, Colossians 3:4, I John 5:11).  Life is in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  It is part of God's excellence and if one of the titles of Christ.
   These thoughts about God's Love, Light and Life bring back the importance of meditating on His birth.  Though we are not exactly sure when He was born, but the circumstances about His birth tell us that this was the approximated time when He was born (Luke 2:1-12).  As such it is worth meditating and celebrating.  He came during the perfect time, about 7 or 6 B.B. at the peak of the Roman Empire and the last year of King Herod the Great in Israel.
   The simplicity and sacrifice of Christ was obvious.  He was born in a manger in the stable, with poor, young parents, born at night, an angel announced His birth to the shepherds who were watching the flocks of sheep to be used for temple sacrifices, and they came to visit the newborn.  Then, wise men from a distant land in the east went, and being guided by a star, arrived and worshipped Him in the house (Matthew2:11).
   This month of wonderful celebration and insight ended with meditation at year-end about the presence and guidance of God for His children all year round.  This is the meaning of the word "Ebenezer," a name given by Israelites on a stone they set up to mark their victory against the Philistines (I Samuel 7:12).  The New Year gives a strong assurance of the presence and guidance of God for the next 366 days* as promised in Psalm 12:1-8.  He is our Helper, Keeper, Protector, and Preserver in 2016.

*(2016 is a leap year)