God's Unchanging Love in a Changing World

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by Samuel Geroy
   God's love is the sweetest and deepest truth that excites my mind and soul - that I can be proud of.  As I believe and accept it I am justified, renewed and victorious by grace because I can never achieve it through my own efforts. (Romans 1-8)
   This February we continued studying that God's grace for Israel continues despite her temporary rejection of the Messiah (Romans 9-11).  While on this, Paul wrote Romans 10:14-15 that has become a classic missionary challenge for the Church: "How then shall they call on Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent.  As it is written: 'How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!'" (Isaiah 52:7 NKJV)

   In response to God's unchanging love, believers should live a spirit-filled life (Romans 8) that is always characterized as a living sacrifice (Romans 12) - the greatest manifestation of God's grace.  This sacrifice is accompanied by spiritual gifts (12:3-8) which each believer possesses (one each) and is a starting point for living as a true Christian should- individually, as a family man, in relation to others whether as our friend or those who consider us their enemies even though we always respond in love (12:9-21).  Romans 13 then completes the teaching that we must also live as a godly citizen.  Finally, like what God did for us, we must also accept and help the weak brother. (Romans 14:1-23).  This pertains to whether the believer should eat vegetables only or also other kinds of food, whether he will consider one day as holy or every day in the week.  The point is that in issues that are not clearly black or white, the Christian should not put a stumbling block between himself and his brother or to do anything that will make him fall in the way.  Always apply the law of liberty and the law of love (14:13-18), pursuing things that lead to peace and edification.
   The Apostle Paul emphasized God's grace in glorifying God together by bearing each other's burdens to the point of losing our right to be selfish (15:1-6) and by imitating Christ (15:7-13).  The Lord Jesus Christ will receive Jews and Gentiles into His kingdom.  This is the Christian's hope, the greatest objective that is the only introduction to eternity, and the anticipation of the same.
   Paul finally affirmed his relationships with the believers in Rome though he never visited them before.  He affirmed his call to be minister to the Gentiles, especially to preach to new areas where people have not heard about the gospel before (15:14-21).  Anyway, he still planned to visit in the future(v. 22-23).  In closing, Paul sent his personal greetings to different believers he knew who were now in Rome (16:1-16).  Most of these people were not famous, but they have done their part in helping the evangelistic efforts of the great missionary.  Even if only their names were mentioned, at least their names were recorded in the Word of God that will last forever.  No honor is greater than that.
   Apostle Paul closed the book of Romans with another Benediction (16:25-27).  He emphasized God's power to establish the Church through the gospel and the preaching about Jesus Christ.  Though a secret before, it is now being made known to all nations.  God is truly wise and all glory belongs to Him.
   With a love like this - focused on us who are great sinners, showering on us a love greater that all our sins, giving us power to overcome through the Spirit, making our service a living sacrifice and affirming our service regardless of who we are - we can never fail now and forever.
   We consecrate our all to this unchanging Love in a changing world.