God's Unchanging Church in a Changing World

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by Samuel Geroy
   The Church of Jesus Christ never changed its message of salvation. Only the extreme sacrifice of God’s Son is enough payment for the sins of man. This sacrifice was commanded by the Lord to be remembered through the partaking of the Lord’s Supper in the church regularly. The broken bread reminds the believers of Jesus’ Body that He offered on the cross for sins and the cup of wine of the blood that He shed on the cross in order to wash our sins away. As God’s leader, Jesus Christ paid the highest price in order to secure heaven for the people He loves.

   In the light of the above blessings, the Church has important responsibilities these days. Peter failed in his responsibility by denying the Lord, but he made up for it for the rest of his life. During his martyrdom, he requested that he will be crucified in an upside down position because he was not worthy to be nailed there (in the light of his previous denial of the Lord) in the usual wa according to tradition. Pilate, the Roman governor, had the chance to believe and stand for Christ like his wife, who was a believer according to history. He did not.
   The Lord died on the cross in order to pay for our sins. Along the way, it gave birth to the Church that was assigned to preach the Gospel during this Age of Grace. This is the dispensation where we live now. Because Jesus Christ was resurrected from the grave, He gives us resurrection power that empowers us with renewed strength in continuing and finishing the preaching of the Gospel to the world until Jesus comes again.