Our Unchanging Family Values

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by Samuel D. Geroy
   Next to God, the family is the most important component of a man's life.  It is also the basic component of heritage that is shown by genealogy.  So a person's or a leader's heritage has great impact shown by the following: 1. They remain connected to their heritage; 2. They saw their place in history and gain perspective; 3. They were able to have a pay respect to their forefathers; 4. They used their heritage to provide a sense of stability for their children; 5. They sensed tendency of ancestral giftedness and calling, and; 6. They could retain their identify even when exiled to foreign land.
   From heritage their Christian character leads them to 1. Walk in Love (Ephesians 5:1-17); 2. Walk in the Light (5:8-14) and 3. Walk in wisdom (5:15-21).  The light of their weaknesses, pride and values, have the same amount of opportunities but they do not have the same result depending on how one strongly sticks to their values despite hard situations.
   These values are shown by how Christians receive and apply them.  When they do their responsibilities willfully, they commit great mistakes, like Eve convincing Adam to also eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:4-6).  Rebecca, in connivance with Jacob about how to get Esau's blessing from blind Isaac, instead of waiting on God (Genesis 25:27:6-18) or Tamar in committing incest with Judah by deception (Genesis 38:13-19) and Rachel causing Jacob to have a child by her handmaid Bilhah (Genesis 30:4-7).  These are corruption of values.
   Great blessings and events happened when a woman accepts the responsibility God gives.  Mary, wife of Joseph gave birth to Jesus Christ our Savior (Luke 1:26-33).  Sarah, wife of Abrahan becomes the mother of Isaac (Genesis 7:15-18) from whom came the nation of Israel.  Then Elizabeth, wife of Zachariah (Like 1:13-17) gives birth to John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus.  Godly mothers are promised rewards for their works in fearing and obeying the Lord.
   The Bible talks about great family values - becoming a part of the family of God and experiencing the brotherhood and sisterhood of believer in Jesus Christ (Matthew 2:46-50, Mark 3:31-35, Luke 8:19-21).  This new godly household grows in a love that is permanent (I John 5:1), learns to love others of the same faith thereby loving God's family.  This love gives confidence (I John 4:17), security and peace.
   Queen Esther faced danger in order to secure protection for her Jewish people.  At great risk she sought the favor of king Ahasuerus in order to protect her people from enemies (Book of Esther).  She succeeded and received great praise for it.

   Another look that blinds people in marriage is in the acceptance of each other as husband and wife (Ephesians 5:22-33).  Next is the tie of forgiveness (Matthew 6:12-14, Luke 11:4, 15) that is from God's perspective is greater than our sins and an act that the Lord did.  One more tie the responsibility that binds families during crises, conflicts and difficulties.
   Finally, the greatest family value is a new covenant relationship that will last forever because of our future family in heaven.  By then, God will dwell with His people forever in the New Jerusalem where believers will live in His mansions (John 14:1-3) which is the city of God (Revelation 21, 22).  There they will also be given family responsibilities that only God knows what.  That service will also be forever and ever.