Celebrating His Coming

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by Samuel D. Geroy
   His coming was the greatest event that changed the world (Mat 1.20-25). Just like Elijah who came in a powerful way in the world of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel (1 Kings 18.17-24, Luke 1.17). The Bible affirms that John the Baptist came in a powerful way like Prophet Elijah in order to prepare the coming of the Messiah (John 1.8).
   To the surprise of the world, God`s Son came not in a palace but in a humble shepherd`s hut in Bethlehem lying in a sheep`s manger (Luke 2.1-7). His mother was a young girl named Mary, from the tribe of Judah, who was to be married a man named Joseph, a carpenter. Jesus`s birth was announced by an angel to shepherds watching their flocks in the hills of Bethlehem at night. The sheep were reserved for temple sacrifice. Then a host of angels and said (or did they sing as implied here) `Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace…` (Luke 2.10-14). The shepherds visited the family in the stable. This birth was also marked by the appearance of a star that was also noticed by wise men from the east. They found out that this star was announcing the birth of a king who will bring salvation to the world (Numbers 24.17, Micah 5.2, Matthew 2.1). So they travelled to Israel in order to look for Him. They asked King Herod and the Scribes he referred to led them to Bethlehem. When the men went there they found Him with his parents in a rented house. They worshiped the Baby and presented their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
   Today we celebrate the Savior`s birth in December though the Bible did not really give the date of His birth unlike the day of His death that is marked in the calendar. Yet the Christmas that Christians celebrate may not be too far from the actual event. This month also gives magic to a beautiful year-end and a feeling of completion. This season is also connected to giving because God gave His Son, the greatest gift for the greatest need. It is also connected to receiving, receiving the greatest gift that no one expects, but one that meets the deepest need of man. This giving also shows a new beginning- like for Adam and Eve after they sinned, for David too, and for Paul after his conversion to Christ, then for Peter after he denied the Lord.
   Other people looked at Jesus and His birth differently- King Herod feared for his throne, Scribes and Pharisees feared for the reprisal of the Roman Empire if they if they go to another king. But the wise men rejoiced at finding the king. That is why the birth of God`s Son is full of ironies that may look like an oxymoron to others. One is the truth that God`s Son is fully God and fully man, He is the bright and morning star, the light of the world that brightens the darkness of night of sin, bringing peace on earth and goodwill to men. Another is that the gift of the wise men reflect the royalty sweetness and painful death. One more is that there was no good accommodation for the coming of God`s Son, and He was born to die for the payment of man`s sin. Finally, the irony that He is God coming in the flesh of depraved humanity. But it was the only way to bring salvation to the sinner.
   As believers, how do we respond to this wonderful gift. For Mary, she pondered these things in her heart and soul (Luke 2.19), then believed and lived it. When we too will believe, we will be like Simeon who believed Him as God`s light to the Gentiles and glory for Israel (Luke 25-35). Then Anna took Him in her arms and praised God for sending Redemption to Jerusalem.