Reaching the World Till He Comes

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by Samuel D. Geroy
   Seeing the world’s great needs and meeting them gives joy to the heart of God. The daughter of Jairus, a Jewish ruler, died and Jesus raised her back to life (Mt 9:18-26, Mk 5:22-43). Along the way, a woman with hemorrhage for twelve years was also healed (Mt 9:20-22). Then He gave back sight to the two blind men (Mt 9:27-31). Also, a demon-possessed mute was released from the power of Satan and was able to speak again (Mt 9:32-34).

   But the greatest need of all was emphasized by the Lord when he healed a paralytic man who was brought by his friends inside a packed house where Jesus was teaching by opening the roof (Mt 9.1-8). Jesus said to the man, ”Son, be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven.” While religious leaders complained in their hearts, the Lord said to him, “Get up, pick up your mat and go home.”The crowds were amazed. For Christ, the best way to help the world is to forgive sin.
   Sometime later, Jesus` close friend Lazarus died. He was away and arrived at Bethany after four days. Jesus went to his tomb and wept (John 11.35). Then he commanded Lazarus to come out of the grave and he did. Jesus also wept for Jerusalem (Luke 19.41, 13.34) because she did not understand the wonderful things God was doing before her eyes. The prophet Jonah did not understand too the greatness of his mission to preach at Nineveh (Jonah 1-4, 760 B.C.). It took the experience of being swallowed by a big fish for 3 days and 3 nights for him to obey the assignment. Judas Iscariot never understood the greatness of his assignment in being a disciple of Jesus so that he could afford to sell him for 30 pieces of silver (Mk 14.10, 11, Luke 22.1-6). King Josiah was faithful in restoring the temple in Jerusalem and in serving God as long as his uncle, High Priest Jehoiada was alive (2 Chronicles 24). He backslid when he died. Prophet Jeremiah (580-570 B.C.) wept for Israel and went to the Lord to strengthen his hope. He accepted the call to tell Israel to return to the God and trust His faithfulness (Lamentations 3.24-25, 5. 11, 20).
   In these times, God`s work must be done with haste (1 Samuel 21.8) as David believed. He built a kingdom for God in Israel and many like-minded men followed him (1, 2 Kings). The Lord Jesus told His disciples to seek and build His kingdom (Mt 6.25-33, Luke 12.22-34). He started in Israel and his successors reached Asia Minor, Europe and finally, the whole world through the ages.
   To reach the world, Christians must work beyond their capabilities, give beyond themselves, and go beyond their borders. This happens when God`s people move themselves, and give themselves in reaching and connecting with all kinds of people everywhere. Jesus gave the example of connecting with all kinds of people- the religious (Jn 7.32-36), the immoral woman (Jn 8.3-11),the hardened criminal (Lk 23.39-43), the simple boy with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread (Jn 6.1-14), the child whose simplicity was compared to someone great in God`s kingdom (Mt 18.1-6), the lunatic boy and the girl who was very ill (Mt 17.14-18) who were both healed. This was also seen in the Old Testament through the boy Samuel (1 Sam 3. 18-36), the widow and her 2 sons whose last oil multiplied in order to meet all their needs (2 Kings 4.1-7), the helper of General Naaman in Syria (1 Kings 5.1-14), and the boy King Josiah who brought great revival in the kingdom of Israel through God`s Word that was found in the temple (2 Kings 22). There are many other similar stories in the whole Bible and also in all of life in the world.
   God brings great revival to people with broken and humble hearts, Ps 34.18, 147.3, Mt 11.29, as they come to Him in contrition. Just like Nicodemus in John 3. He gives judgment to the proud Pharisees and Scribes Mk 7.6-7, Pharoah Ex 4.21, and to many others. To reach the world Jesus connected with all kinds of people and brought forgiveness and love. All of us who love and serve Him are expected to do the same.