Our Unchanging Role in the World

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by Samuel D. Geroy
   The Christian is called to live a life at a higher level. As in the story about the prince and the pauper, when they exchanged roles and the pauper lived in the palace as a prince, how joyful he was to live life at a higher level. The Lord offered something like that when he called his disciples to follow him. But not to a life of material riches or ease, he offered them the work of fishing for men (Matthew 4.18-20). How can they do that? According to Matthew 5:16, they start by being different through accepting their spiritual poverty and show sadness and mourning for it. Then they should show meekness and gentleness to others, and have passion and hunger for righteousness. Next they should see the world from God`s point of view by having mercy and compassion, having purity and integrity, work on peacemaking instead of revenge, and accept persecution and adversity. Finally, they must relate to people in a supernatural fashion by living a life that knows one’s strength and weaknesses and living accordingly.

   Here are things to follow in order to pass the test for this standard. First, do the right things for the right reasons (Matthew 6:1-8), Pray to do God’s agenda not yours (6:9-13), Choose right relationships for they make or break you (6:14-15), Prioritize eternal things not the temporal (6:19-24), Don’t sweat small stuff (6:25-31) , Seek God’s kingdom first, for it is paramount (6:32,33), Judge yourself before you just others (7:1-6), If you need something, ask; if you have something give (7:7-12), Don’t stray from your convictions and the narrow path (7:13-20), Obedience is the only foundation for life (7:21-27). Our unchanging role in the world is to see a vision and accept it, and prepare our lives and pursue it. Strong God-given visions drove all worthwhile accomplishments recorded in the Bible: Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, Nehemiah, Esther, Zerubbabel, Jesus, Paul and others. Great Christians and leaders never lose sight of the big picture.
   For us today, it is the vision of a lost world and the completion of evangelism and mission outreach, especially in pockets of unreached peoples. Therefore, let us prepare and pursue the completion of this vision. Then let us keep God’s work and finish it as much as possible. If not, let God finish it and go to the next assignment.
   As we go along with our service for the Lord, we keep on through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. This start with letting the Lord touch our hearts as we rest in Him (Matthew 11:28). This is an inward holiday in our hearts and souls that will prepare us to take God’s yoke as we yield to a stronger partner. Then let us let God prepare our life (Matthew 10:16-33). He tells us to be wise but innocent, warns about hardships and instructs how to handle them, He predicts personal anguish but gives hope and assurance of victory. Then He teaches to yield to authority, recognizes that trainers only reproduce what they are, trainee emulates the master and trusts God to care for their needs, and to be loyal to the end. Finally, the Lord gives us vision larger than life in Matthew 13:5-58. When we give the word, let us simplify the message, focus on the familiar, know the audience and their needs, seize the teachable moment, show the truth because it gives credibility to your words, and you will see response. Seeing the vision will enable us to be empowered to accomplish it even larger than life so that it will extend to eternity.
   Our role in the world is to live an empowered life by giving in order to empower others. If we are not willing to give power away we will fail like King Saul, Pharoah and Herod the great. The Lord Jesus Christ gave power away to His disciples through the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ law of empowerment is this: Give rest to prepare for new energy and motive (Matthew 11:28-30), learn to be guided by a stronger partner (29), that results to a gentle and humble leadership. We are also giving away our ministry to those who can develop, use and give it away to others also.