The Beauty of Thanking and Giving to God

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by Samuel D. Geroy
   We thank the Lord because He helps us abundantly (Psalm 146.1-10). This is why we are alive, and he continues to defend us against oppression, gives us food to eat, sets us free from sin, opens our eyes in order to understand His will, raises us up when we are down, loves, protects, supports defends us against the wicked. In response, we give Him back the tithes and offerings (Mat 23.23) and do justice, mercy and faith. Indeed God expects our commitment before He gives us provisions (Psalm 145.8-20).  Coming was righteous judgment.
   In Psalm 18 David reviewed his life to prove why he loves, knows and calls on the Lord. In different stages of his life, the Lord was with him- Desperation v. 4, 5, Defense v. 6-15, and Deliverance p. 16-19. As a result, he lived a righteous life by the Lord`s direction v. 20-28, and leadership v. 29-42. King David unified Israel through his theocratic leadership v. 43-45. He concluded by enhancing his praises in v. 46-50.
   Another great thanksgiving to the Lord was given by Moses in Exodus 15.1-19. He claimed a spectacular victory in Exodus 15.1-5 and summarized it in verses 6-10. The Lord defeated all the gods of Egypt and their worshipers 15. 11-13, promising that he will establish them further 15.14-17. Then he repeated that it is important to celebrate and remember what God has done.
   Others who gave praise to God was Miriam in Exodus 15.21. Finally, one of the best way to express thanksgiving is through giving back to God from our income in a regular basis- weekly or monthly, 2 Corinthians 9.1-15. We practice important principles of giving- sow bountifully, reap bountifully and joyfully. God is pleased with the cheerful giver. Even God promised temporal and external blessings to the cheerful giver.